Protect and restore the exterior of your home
No maintenance or repainting costs
Weather proof your home against the elements
Transform the appearance of your home
We work all year round to protect your home all year round

Long Lasting

Stop painting! Start Protecting! Our specialist textured wall coatings are designed to protect and maintain external walls. Our top quality products are upto 20 times thicker than standard external paint and spray applied. Not only will our products leave your home with a flawless painted finish, we guarantee our work to be long lasting and maintenance free for upto 15 years.

Damp Resistant

Our specialist products and techniques will eradicate all damp problems from your property by installing a vertical damp course to all areas requiring treatment, allowing your walls to breathe, preventing any cracking/peeling etc.  We are confident that we will be able to resolve all damp issues regardless of the age or condition of your property.

Weather proof

We work all year round to protect your home all year round. Our products can be applied across all seasons, and continue to protect your home throughout the year against the elements. Textured wall coatings prevent penetration of water even in the harshest of weathers, including damp areas and coastal regions.

No Chipping/Flaking/Peeling

No repainting, re-touching tired and damaged paintwork.  Unlike standard external paint, our specialist textured coatings are formulated with levels of flexibility to resist cracking or flaking.  Textured coating products prevent water penetrating into external walls, they are thicker than standard exterior paint and applied by experienced technicians using specialist equipment and techniques to treat all essential areas of repair and guarantee longevity.  We guarantee no chipping/flaking/peeling for upto 15 years.

Built In Fungicides

Our specialist products have built-in fungicides as another layer of protection to your external walls making them resistant to mould and algae.

Range Of Colours

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes all with fantastic colour retention from smooth to rough cast to make your property stand out from the rest, add value and ultimately protect for the long term. Not sure what would be right for your home? Let our experts advise you on the best combination for your property to instantly improve its kerb appeal.





VFM provide all aspects of external wall repairs and wall coatings to protect and maintain your home for the long term. Guaranteed for up to 15 years.